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Rabbi Avi Schnall is complaining that Republican Assemblyman Ned Thomson did not support the 2024 state budget.

That means that Rabbi Schnall does support the budget.

Let's take a scroll through the budget and see some of the goodies it includes....

New Jersey Pride Chamber of Commerce


Qspot LGBT Community Center


Social Justice Transitional Housing


Advanced Placement African American Studies Course Expansion Grants


These are just some of the line items in the budget which apparently Democrat Avi Schnall supports.

The LGBTQIA2S+ agenda has celebrated a number of "advances" in New Jersey which Governor Phil Murphy has signed into law, including enabling birth certificates to be amended to reflect the person’s gender identity, enabling gender identity to be reflected on death certificates, declaring New Jersey to be a “safe haven” for those seeking gender-affirming care, establishing state certification of LGBTQ+ owned businesses, and codifying marriage equality to ensure gender neutrality of all marriage and civil union laws in New Jersey.

As previously reported here on FAA News, Rabbi Schnall has previously used the LGBTQIA2S+ 馃寛 rainbow in a campaign video.

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Anonymous said...

讜讜讗住 讟讬讟 诪讗谉 谞讬砖讟 驻讗专 驻讗专谞讜讜住讛

Anonymous said...

Schnall has always been pro gay. That is fact. In all his years in trenton, he has not tried once to ask any assemblyman or senator to abstain on any bill Relating to such matters.

Anonymous said...

It is as simple as this comma a vote for a democrat is a vote for 讻诇 讚讘专 讗住讜专

Anonymous said...

Just like Mike Pence Avi schnall should drop out and suspend his campaign. We don't need more sinas yisroel in our friendly district. When antisemitism is raging all over the world right in our front yard of NYC and all over NJ. The Republicans have always been good to yidden and defended us. There's a chance they can get back the majority in the New Jersey assembly after many democrats plan to vote republican out of anger at local school boards for pushing lgbt education.
Do we realy need everyone to blame Lakewood and the yidden for flipping a seat for our own financial gain and no care about anyone else?
This is a time of post kristalnacht and we think we own the world.

Rabbosei the olam must wake up and not be fooled by empty promises of utopia which will never happen. We are playing with fire.
Look at history what happens when web turn on our friends.

Anonymous said...

spoke to numerous local rabbonim over the past few days they all shook their head about the dangerous Sakana we are doing but said there's nothing they can do they are not strong to fight the regime.

Is anyone who votes not scared of causing potential harm to yidden by raitzing uhn the akum
We are getting bullied and put in danger.
The olam must speak up and give the roshei yeshiva the courage to speak their minds.

Anonymous said...

Avi is a twin to the gay Garry Schaer.

Everyone should vote for Thompson, Avi will only increase the antisemitisim not only in New Jersey, but in the entire country.

The Ravbbonim have no right to back such an individual. When the....hits the fan, all the Rabbonim will say let's make an etzeres with speeches.

Anonymous said...



Again, just to clarify:

Joining the Dems is terrible, unless the candidate in question would be truly good on policy, in which case there would be at least what to deliberate about.

In this case, we know Avi Schnall won't be good. Because his unconcealed goal is to do what he does best: schnorr government money, and advance a communal addiction to government esnan, all the while positioning himself as the go-to Orthodox gatekeeper, harvesting frum votes and support for the abomination-proponents busy buying us off with our own tax-dollars.

So it's not so much a matter of party but rather one of core moral principles, especially relevant to LGBT and abortion/ trafficking, which he obviously sees as fair game to sell out on. Just look at what he has raised awareness about, and all the morality related legislation that he has - at best - ignored in his Aguda lobbying ca

Mindy said...

Why thing budget line on African Americans? Americans. Is it any different than the money Lakewood gets for transportation of private school kids?

Anonymous said...