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Rabbi Avi Schnall's election campaign is working very hard, not just to gain local media coverage, but also to ensure that the incumbent in the race, Ned Thomson, doesn’t get to go anywhere.

Thomson, who has been a true friend to our mosdos and chesed organizations for years. Now, due to pressure from Rabbi Avi Schnall's election campaign, those very organizations have turned him into persona non grata.

Additionally, local media outlets have been told that they cannot print his ads.

Some media outlets have even joined the frenzy on their own.

As seen in the screenshot below, LNN has recently admitted that they "have an agenda" and are only printing pro-Schnall articles.

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Anonymous said...

Many people have an agenda. There is a reason all the nursing home millionares are suppprting democrats. Vhamaivin yavin

Anonymous said...

You sound bitter

Anonymous said...

Lnn and the voice shill for the vaad one hand washes the other just more trash anti Torah media in Lakewood
that's what happens when you print profanity in your rag and mocked the kollel lifestyle in the shared accounts column that was finally shut down. Suddenly they have a daa$ Torah agenda

Anonymous said...

It's obvious. LNN is owned by the same person that owns Iron Rock Security.....which has contracts with ALL the schools which got their funding (at least he claims) from Rabbi Schnall!! Also of they want the schools tonise them, then they can only write articles that the powers want them to.