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An opinion article posted on LNN asserts that Rabbi Avi Schnall "remains a ben Torah through and through, and will not compromise on that in the slightest," even if elected as a Democrat to the New Jersey Assembly.

An explanation of how politics works is in order.

What difference does it make if a lawmaker is a Democrat or a Republican?

Each house of the Legislature has numerous Committees.

These Committees is where the real power is.

Once a bill is introduced, it gets referred to the appropriate Committee where it sits and awaits clearance before it can brought up for a floor vote (and ultimately make its way to the governor's desk).

The Committees are comprised of members of both parties, based on which party is in the majority. I.e. A Committee of 5 members will have 3 members from the majority party and 2 members from the minority party.

An example of powerful committees are the budget committees. The budget that they draft and vote on will likely be the final version (or pretty close to the final version) that will receive approval from the entire legislative body.

So... being a member of the "right committees" truly is key.

Parties like when their members vote on legislation along with them. More accurately, party leaders demand that their members vote along with them.

At the end of 2018, after New York State Senator Simcha Felder voted one too many times with the opposite party, the Majority Leader removed him from his powerful committee positions.

If Rabbi Schnall is victorious in his campaign and he joins the Assembly Democrats, they will demand that he join them in voting for their leftist agendas. If he refuses and "remains a ben Torah through and through, and [does] not compromise... in the slightest," he will quickly be threatened with being removed from his powerful committee positions.

Indeed, politics is politics.

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Anonymous said...

You can feel free to have a slant like any other news sites. But to call them out as partisan reeks of hypocrisy. They can play partisan as well as you can. You don’t like Avi Schnall and are entitled to that opinion. As is LNN

Anonymous said...

Do not vote for Mr schmaltz.

Anonymous said...

With regards to Simcha Felder, the case where he held a pivotal vote involved Education and an agenda that would negatively impact Yeshivas. He held up the budget approval and got the Democrats and the Governor mad. I myself heard the the Governor Coumo express his anger on an Albny talk show at Felder. That year his vote made a difference, the next legislature , they had a comfortable majority and did not need Felder’s vote so made no difference.

Anonymous said...

Don't call Avi Schnal a Rabbi. He closed the shuls and yeshivas during covid. When he started his job as the Agudah Askan he already wasn't a Ben-Torah.

Almost everyone sells themselves, it boils down to "what price"?

Avi Schnall, sells out the Tzibur for a few agurot.

He has my back, for what purpose?

Anonymous said...

Get the Brocha from Reb Avigdor Miller, not Chas vi'sholom the opposite of Brocha.

Reb Avigdor Miller said those that vote Republican are on Har Gerizim, the mountain where the Brochas were said. Those that vote Democrat R"L are on Har Aival, the Mountain where the Kilulois were said.

Easy decision for elections.

Be aware that all, all of those that are advocating for the Democrat liberals are "meshu'chad" financially.

Anonymous said...

Agudah is batting 100,

They have Assemblyman Kalish, who voted in LGBTQ- R"L,

NJ Assemblyman Garry Schaer, who made sure to participate in New Jersey's LGBTQ vote-R"L.

Now they want to put in Avi Schnall, who will vote everything against the Torah, with all different excuses-R"L