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Ever wonder why it seems that certain schools in Lakewood can get bussing before other schools?

The answer may have something to do with who has the ability to call the shots.

Back in August 2016, then-Republican Governor Chris Christie signed into law the establishment of the Lakewood Student Transportation Authority (LSTA) to manage the bussing for Lakewood's nonpublic school students.

The LSTA was then immediately incorporated by... none other than the following:

R' Shimon Balsam

R' Osher Lederer

R' Yankie Mandelbaum

R' Avi Verschleiser

The LSTA Board then hired Avrohom Krawiet to be beholden to the Board, um, I mean, to manage the day-to-day operations of the LSTA.

Any further questions??

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Anonymous said...

We most all vote the new boe candidates

Anonymous said...

Are we to conclude that in Lakewood, "everything" is set-up with corruption as the main ingredient?

As long as we realize that, we'll vote differently.

I have decided my votes in a very simple method, I look at the Vaad's list, and NONE of those get my vote.

When the choice is a Demorat or Republican, I vote Republican.

Anonymous said...

Tell us something new….

Anonymous said...

They are also what's known as the "Igud Hamoados". Look up who controls that and you will find the same 4 people!

Anonymous said...

All of the Moisdois owners are money hungry individuals, be careful of them.

Don't trust them at all.

Mindy said...

Why is that failed pilot program still running? About 5 years back they refused to give the state the info that was required. Yet they are still funded after being a massive failure.