The Lakewood Zoning Board previously approved an application on Miller Road, with the condition that they install a sidewalk.

Under appeal ZB 4236, the applicant, Baruch Jeremias, is coming back to the Board tonight requesting that the Board remove the requirement for the sidewalk.

A letter submitted on behalf of the applicant by Engineer Brian Flannery explains that the cost of installing the sidewalk is simply out of their budget.

Rabbi Avi Schnall is campaigning hard with the slogan of advocating for "safer streets."

Curious minds wonder if our local Safe Streets Advocate will be up at the podium of tonight's Zoning Board meeting and "advocating for safer streets," by urging the Zoning Board not to approve the sidewalk waiver request.

Alternatively, Rabbi Schnall may be in Jackson tonight, opposing plans to permit high density housing in the Township.

As previously reported here on FAA News, the Jackson Planning Board is set tonight to real quietly adopt a Master Plan Reexamination report which will recommend that the Township permit "faculty residences" in certain areas.

How many residences and on what size lots is still a state secret.

In fact, the adoption of the Master Plan Reexamination report is such a state secret that it isn't on the Board's meeting agenda.

Lots of questions here for both the Jackson Planning Board tonight and the Township Council tomorrow night!

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Anonymous said...

Avi is running for a state position not local
Why is he getting dragged into this?

Anonymous said...

A sidewalk is out of their budget?

Can I tell the government 'taxes is out of my budget'?

Maybe he can wait a week before filling his pool, and use the money saved to pay for the sidewalk.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:43 PM

2 responses:

1) So, is he only an advocate for safety streets at the state level and not at the local level?

2) Actually, sidewalks on Township, County, and State roads are under the jurisdiction of the Township. Therefore, the place to advocate for safer streets is actually at the Township boards.

Anonymous said...

He didn't spear a dime on that house, pool house and every Gashmiyas. If he can't afford a side walk, he should sell the house before he moves in.

Guess his interior designer says a side walk doesn't match the decor.

Anonymous said...

That house has been under construction for years. He doesn't have a budget. If he uses the argument that his neighbors don't have a sidewalk either, that is one thing. But not to have money for it? That's sad.