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After receiving no direction from local community askanim for whom to vote, the voters of Toms River today spoke all on their very own.

Loud and clear.

In support of curbing unabated over-development.

Toms River voters came out today strongly in support of Republican Daniel Rodrick, bringing him to victory for the position of mayor.

With 55/63 districts reporting, Rodrick is crushing Democrat challenger Ben Giovine.

A total of 17,405 votes have been tallied; Rodrick has received 11,946 or 68.64%, Giovine is far away with 5,332 votes or 30.63%.

Two years ago, the Toms River Jewish Community Council (TRJCC) strongly supported Mo Hill, against Daniel Rodrick who ran on a platform curbing over-development. Askanim believed at the time that Hill would be more welcoming to Jewish infrastructure.

Hill ended up winning by less than a mere 250 votes.

Since then, the TRJCC lost faith in Hill, saying that his willingness to go "from talk to actual" left much to be desired.

For this year's general election, the TRJCC chose not to endorse any party.

Councilman Daniel Rodrick ran on his own platform, in support of curbing over-development which leads to increased taxes.

“Taxes are out of control, and high-density, multi-family development continues to reshape our town. As homes are converted into houses of worship, quiet residential neighborhoods are being transformed into busy commercial streets,” Rodrick said. “These changes are having a disastrous impact on taxes, traffic, quality of life, and our schools.”

“I’ve been fighting for our town for the last five years. Since being elected to Town Council in 2017, I have voted against every new development, including Mayor Hill’s plan to build two 10-story apartment buildings downtown. I was the only member of the council who had the courage to vote against cutting the acreage requirement for houses of worship, and I have voted against every tax increase since being elected. Mayor Hill is destroying Toms River,” he added.

Today on the general Election Day, Toms River residents spoke loud and clear in support of this platform.

This "voice" follows the lead of Manchester Township voters as well.

As previously reported here on FAA News, earlier this year, voters chose the anti over-development slate.

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