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Jackson Township voters today strongly rejected a proposed $4,035,000 tax increase.

With 34/34 districts reported, 6,155 voted against, and only 3,417 voted in support of the tax increase.

The now defeated tax increase, would have provided funds for the following positions: 6 guidance counselors; 2 student assistance counselors; 1 non-public student coordinator; 1 nonpublic secretary; 8 interventional teachers; 10 elementary teachers; 12 secondary teachers; 4 child study team members; 4 ESL teachers. The tax increase would fund their salaries and their employee benefits.

Township officials estimated that the average homeowner's annual property tax bill would increase $96 if this tax increase is approved.

School officials stated that, if approved by the voters, the tax increase would become permanent.

At a Township Council Councilman Nino Borelli stated that he is personally opposed to the proposed tax increase.

Curiously, an article on Lakewood Alerts, which is supported by Jackson Askanim Mordy Burnstein and Tzvi Herman, called out Borelli for stating his personal opinion on the matter and for not supporting the tax increase.

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