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Dr. Kasriel (Rich) Roberts, a well known philanthropist and political activist in Lakewood, today formally announced his endorsement of Republican Assemblyman Ned Thompson for reelection.

Dr. Roberts stated that - at their requests - he met with 4 leaders of the community for 2 hours, and they tried hard to get him to switch sides. He pointed out to them straight up that, "the Democrats already have a majority. If they were willing to give us tuition relief, they have the ability to do it right now, even without bringing in Avi Schnall."

Dr. Roberts added that "almost all the Rabbonim who signed the flyers do not know the issues and only signed because of achdus."

Dr. Roberts also released the following statement:

Ned Thomson has been a loyal friend to the Lakewood community for his entire tenure. He has fought for tuition relief, busing funds, and family values (including the purity of marriage) that the Democratic Party is diametrically opposed to.

As the number two in the Republican conference, he is a strong voice in Trenton representing us that we cannot afford to lose. 

For Hakoras Hatov, we must not turn our backs on a proven leader who shares our values and has fought for our interests at every turn. Previously, we have been asked to vote for someone out of Hakoras Hatov even if that person does not share our values such as the sanctity of marriage. In this case, we both owe Hakoras Hatov to our incumbent friend and he DOES share our values. 

I am asking you to vote for Ned Thomson.

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Akiva said...

Mr. Robert's is exactly right. They could've done tuition without Avi. It's just 1 guy who wants power and the Dems are glad to get rid of Thompson. Watch the knives come out for Robert's because of this.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Dr. Roberts is spot on!

Anonymous said...

One of the only items that Dr. Roberts and Yudel Shain agree on, I guess Moshiach is on the way.

Cohen Y said...

Thumbs up
Caveat emptor

Anonymous said...

Dr Roberts: הזהר בגחלתן! Be careful with how you talk about our Gedolim