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As previously reported here on FAA News, in a historic challenge, Aaron Hirsch received 6,186 votes against Fire Harrison Pfeffer.

Following this historic election, Aaron Hirsch released the following statement:

This is beyond impressive, and the number of votes will likely increase over the next few days as they count the late absentee and provisional ballots.

Their vigorous campaign showed their desperation. 

Any idea how much money they spent on this campaign?

I didn't spend a single dollar on my campaign.

My campaign was only word of mouth, and FAA News was the only site out there to even mention I was running at all. 

I have to say, no amount of money any individual candidate could spend, could overcome the special interest groups funneling in hundreds of thousands of dollars into the big...... Fill in your own words at the dots.

I got more votes than sitting committeemen got in previous elections. I don't think anyone could have done better in this unique environment. 

This is just the beginning of the road!

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Anonymous said...

So it's official, the Vaad doesn't own the vote anymore. With close to 6k votes, and offering no bribes for votes, no 1 would have ever predicted that many votes received against the Vaad endorsement and the tons of $$$$$$$ spent for their candidates. I look forward to seeing where Mr. Hirsch's political future will lead him. Looking forward!

Anonymous said...

Great job Aaron. This was indeed an impressive showing and not a dime spent. Other people's votes were bought by dangling the promise of money in front of their faces to get their votes. BTW, it's a big con, vouchers will probably never come to fruition. Even Schnall admitted that before he ran online. One big scam

Anonymous said...

Well done Aaron!

Anonymous said...

Aaron, capitalize on the momentum, educate the oilum, that there are real choices out there, get out of the herd mentality.