Elections must really be over.

Lakewood's Township Committee is now set to sell land between Pine Street and Oak Street, parallel to Albert Avenue, for a new residential neighborhood.

In years gone by, all land that the Township sold on Oak Street included a restrictive covenant that it is for school use only.

Now that Mayor Ray Coles has just comfortably won yet another term in office, the Township will be selling this 1.6 acres parcel of land with no restrictions as to use.

Ordinance 2023-046, which the Committee is set to introduce on Thursday, will authorize the public sale of Block 821, Lot 1.

The Ordinance states:

The Township Committee... has determined that the Property may be suited for residential development, houses of worship and schools, and does not hold any intrinsic value for public use; and the sale of the Property will return the Property to the tax rolls of the Township of Lakewood; and it is in the best interests of the Township of Lakewood to offer the Property for sale by open public auction to the highest bidder.

The minimum bid is $2,800,000.00

It appears that the parcel can contain approximately 26 townhomes.

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Common sense said...

Disgusting! They don't even hide it anymore how corrupt they are. They literally hid it until after the election. They give everyone in this town that finger, we don't care about you, as it's not you who are the ones that elect me the "mayor in name only". There will surely be a day of reckoning, hopefully sooner rather than later. These corrupt people don't stay forever. Even they have an expiration date. Imagine that. 🙊

Anonymous said...

They gave $150,000 to the Lakewood Shopper via LCSW, in order for them to flip and back their co-horts.

The Township gave Belz resident Lipa Klein $300,000 over two years, in order to buy the Belz Vote.

The Vaad's ben Heineman and Zev Weisberg will be getting all of the Chemed health facilities.

All on the backs of the Gullible Lakewood puppets where the blind lead the blind.

Anonymous said...

Is this really Our United States of America.Disgusting maybe not a word to discribe because I'm sure we can find better words for all this BS.Funny how Orthodox families move in to a neighborhood and they move everyone else out. The playbooks are there with different strategies that they use to remove their opposition.So many tactics of manipulation and deceit.They will abuse the courts with lies and untruths, keeping disputes in litigation for years while they continue to operate illegally.Be ready the Federal Government will come knocking again when you least expect them.