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As first reported here on FAA News, last night, R' Aron Lang informed the New Jersey Appellate Division that he is withdrawing from his position as co-counsel of his litigation which seeks fairer funding for all of Lakewood's students.

Subsequently, R' Lang received substantial support from members of the community who encouraged him to keep up the fight for the Klal.

Accordingly, as previously reported here on FAA News, R' Lang submitted a follow up letter informing the New Jersey Appellate Division that he is withdrawing his previous letter of withdrawal.

Rabbi Lang has now released the following statement:

On one hand, when we are successful, we often ascribe it to Providence. As a young Washington said long before he became the great Cincinatus, easily one of the most significant men in Gentile history, said, ""By the all-powerful dispensations of Providence, I have been protected beyond all human probability and expectation."

On the other hand, in a way, we write our own destiny and do not know where it will lead us.

One thing is sure, we have to live up to our choices.

I chose to give up the law and politics in 1983 to go to Yeshiva. Perhaps it was Providence that led me to learn with the Gadol HaDor. I chose to go become a public school teacher. Perhaps it was Providence that brought me the ire of corporate leadership. I chose to finally go to law school and learn from Professor Tractenberg. Perhaps it was Providence that attracted him to Lakewood's cause.

The bottom line is that I cannot hide and run away from my choices at this point. The animus, my paucity of professional accomplishment, and my low position on the company ladder may be the result of how I dealt with, and the s'fakos I have, in my own choices.

What Prof. T. wrote below, and the phone calls I got last night from the Gadol Hador last and from my candidates whose honor depend upon my conduct, show that I am not a balabus to run away from my choices. 



Forwarded message ---------

From: Paul Tractenberg

To: Arthur Lang

Hi Arthur,

I just... saw your letter seeking to withdraw as co-counsel and I felt absolutely gut-punched. Then I saw your letter withdrawing your letter of withdrawal.

Please let me know what's going on. I'm totally confused.


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anonymous said...

Who's the Gadol Hador he's referring to?