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Jackson Township officials today filed their formal settlement agreement with Agudath Israel of America and WR Property LLC, of which, Adam Pfeffer is the managing member.

The agreement is dated November 27, 2023.

The agreement stipulates that the Township denies "all liability for the claims asserted by Plaintiffs; [but] has determined to resolve all aspects of this litigation and agrees that all claims should be resolved amicably and without protracted, expensive and unnecessary litigation."

More importantly, the agreement stipulates that the Township Council will adopt pending Ordinances 30-23 and 31-23 within 60 days of execution of this Settlement Agreement by all parties (which would be approximately January 26, 2024).

The Township shall adopt an Ordinance to rezone WR Property LLC's property from the Rural Residential (R-3) zoning district to the Neighborhood Commercial (“NC”) zoning district (which will now permit dormitories).

In addition, within 30 days, the Township will pay Agudath Israel of America and WR Property LLC a total of Two Million and Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($2,200,000), inclusive of attorney’s fees and costs.

Finally, the Township agrees that it shall take no action to enforce Ordinance No. 20-17 with respect to eruvim, and in no event, shall the Township take any action to prohibit the placement of eruvim/lechis on poles erected by utilities that have the lawful right to maintain the poles within the public right-of-way in the Township provided the utility company consents to such placement.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I understand there os anEruvim society. Im told that they make sure permits are in place and the poles are secured at certain depths. Will this be the case in Jackson?