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Construction on Yeshiva Mesoras Hatorah's new building, located at 40 Neimann Road, is well underway.

However, numerous local contractors have not been paid for their work. They now filed contractor's lien against the Yeshiva, FAA News has learned.

Shmuel Marcus of Prime Painters supplied and installed paint and primer to the yeshiva. Their initial contract price for the work was $127,500. Of this amount, $70,625 remains outstanding. The last date of work was October 2, 2023.

Builders Supreme, on behalf of the yeshiva, hired Ben Orshitzer of Crown Flooring to install all the flooring in the building. Their initial contract amount was $119,227.30. Of this amount, $60,938.98 remains outstanding. The last date of work was September 28, 2023.

Aaron Peker of AP Electric, supplied and installed electrical materials for the yeshiva. Their initial contract amount was $411,706.05. Of this amount, $37,390.95 remains outstanding. The last date of work was November 2, 2023.

As previously reported here on FAA News, First Class Landscaping has also placed a $15,525.00 contractor's lien against the yeshiva.

The total amount due of all the liens is $216,875.29

Construction liens provide a potent remedy for contractors, subcontractors and vendors, who have not been paid for work they have properly performed.

Construction liens exist to provide an effective mechanism for contractors to be paid what they have earned for completed work.

The power to place a lien on property is a powerful tool to compel delinquent owners to ensure that payment is made.

A construction lien gives a contractor or subcontractor which did work, or a vendor which supplied goods, services or equipment, on a construction project an interest in the property.

It is generally difficult or impossible for owners to sell property when there is a construction lien. This gives owners a powerful incentive to pay what is owed, and to force a contractor to pay its subcontractors and vendors.

It also allows a contractor which prevails in a suit the ability to use the property for payment of the debt it is owed. The proceeds will be paid out of any sale, and the owner will not be able to obtain credit or financing without paying off the lien.

According to the Site Plan approved by Lakewood Township's Planning Board on May 19, 2020, the yeshiva's new 2-story building will hold 22 classrooms to serve up to 450 students, plus an unfinished basement. Open space will be provided for recess play.⁣

The circular parking lot will fit 5 buses at a time, and will contain 45 off-street parking spaces. The applicant's professionals solemnly testified to the Planning Board that they will stagger their arrival and dismissal schedule to be able to load all their buses in their parking lot without needing to stagger buses on the road.

Additionally, they were required to widen their frontage of Neimann Road, provide curb and sidewalk along their frontages of Neimann Road and Drake Road, and request that the Township install no parking signs along their frontage.

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