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Shooters Sporting Center, located on Route 539 in Little Egg Harbor Township, is a vast online gun store and a state-of-the-art shooting range.

In early 2022, the 23.207 acres property was sold to GT Holdings LLC.

Since that time, the new owners have maintained the shooting range as it operated before they purchased it.

However, the new owners don't intend to maintain the shooting range forever, and they placed the property up for sale.

Once it listed for sale, rumors about "townhomes" and "house of worship AKA Lakewood people" started spreading online.

The site is located just 300 yards from a Garden  State Parkway exit/entrance, near dense housing development.

Accordingly, residents got nervous about all the development rumors.

This week, the Ocean County Board of Commissioners kindly allayed all of these fears by purchasing the property for a shooting range for their own law enforcement agencies as well as for mutual aid agencies.

County officials are paying $10 million for the land purchase.

Ocean County Commissioner Barbara Jo Crea, who was first elected to the Board in November 2021, and who will serve as the Director of the Ocean County Board of Commissioners in 2024, is the former Mayor of Little Egg Harbor Township.

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Anonymous said...

Boruch Hashem. At least we didn't make a chilul Hashem.