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The number of motor vehicle crashes in Lakewood Township in November increased considerably from October.

As previously reported here on FAA News, back in May 2023, Mayor Coles had no answer to Central Avenue resident Avi Gordon who questioned why traffic safety isn't taken into consideration as more and more construction is approved.

November 2023

Total crashes 515

Fatalities 1

Overturned vehicles 5

Pedestrian struck 12

No injuries 364

Crashes with injuries 59

Hit and Run with no injuries 61

Hit and Run with injuries 2

DWI with no injuries 5

DWI with injuries 2

Vehicles into building 3

Police vehicle 1

October 2023

Total Crashes 463

Fatalities 1

Overturned vehicles 2

Entrapment 1

Pedestrian struck 23

No injuries 339

Crashes with injuries 48

Hit and Run with no injuries 41

Hit and Run with injuries 1

DWI with no injuries 2

DWI with injuries 2

Vehicles into building 1

Police vehicle 2

Total for 2023 to date

Total Crashes 5,010

Pedestrians struck 181 (an average of 3.87 per week)

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Anonymous said...

When is ________ going to jail ?

Please, chevra! said...

Keep holding phones while driving and not only do you make a massive chillul Hashem (a cop remarked abou this huge problem in OUR community but you're also putting lives at risk. A kosher phone doesn't excuse you. It's not a kosher phone if you are using it to break the law.