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Jackson Township Mayor Michael Reina has shaken the dust off of his plan for a “multi-cultural committee”, first hatched three years ago and shelved because residents at the time considered the idea a sham.

If the initial response to Reina’s new scheme to create a committee that will “meet regularly to create and organize community events in building bridges and bringing together residents from different religious, non-religious and cultural backgrounds” is any indication, it is.

“The Prosecutor’s office held a community dialogue meeting on January 22 but didn’t invite the community. It was at that meeting that the idea of a multi-cultural committee was resurrected but only a select group of people were invited, those of us who showed up without an invitation were turned away. That tells me everything I need to know, it’s another bad joke delivered by Reina”, said one resident of Hampshire Hills.

Rather than seek a truly diverse group of volunteers, Reina has decided that the committee should be comprised of 1 person from each of Jackson’s 34 voting districts, strongly favoring seniors and members of the Frum community. These was no mention in the press release about how members will be appointed should multiple volunteers from a single voting district come forward.

Jackson Township is diverse, according to the most recent U.S. Census 76% of residents are white, 13% Hispanic, 4.7% Black and 4.6% Asian. The Census Bureau does not factor religion into their demographics however the breakdown is approximately 70% Christian, 25% orthodox Jews and the remainder unaffiliated.

“Let’s face it, this committee is nothing more than another attempt by Mayor Reina to bolster his biggest supporters” said a Bennetts Mills Rd resident not wishing to be identified.

According to the press release, a stated goal of the committee is to “create and implement a public education campaign that will focus on highlighting diversity within the Township and promoting cultural and religious sensitivity and acceptance of all members of the Township.”

Those wishing to serve are asked to send an email to and include your name, address, email and best contact number.

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