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The honeymoon is over for Toms River’s newly seated Mayor Dan Rodrick and now he has a black eye in the form a resignation of his hand-picked Business Administrator, the Assistant Business Administrator and possibly the Chief Financial Officer.

Just 4 weeks into his tenure, as previously reported by FAA News, Rodrick is facing two massive protests over the next two days. Residents angered by his plan to defund the police department by slashing two Captains, two patrolmen and the department’s spokesperson Jillian Messina, are rallying in opposition to the action. Those residents are further angered by the decision by Rodrick and his Council to host tomorrow night’s Township council meeting remotely rather than in-person where they would be forced to confront the masses.

Now sources have confirmed that Township Business Administrator Scott Tirella, a Rodrick appointee, is leaving his post, followed closely by his Assistant Business Administrator Loring Dutton.

Tirella, a retired Lacey Township Police Lieutenant, was appointed to the position of Business Administrator at the Township’s reorganization meeting on January 1 by Rodrick. Less than one month later Tirella is leaving his $165,000/year job. So too is his Assistant Loring Dunton.

Prior to accepting the Business Administrator’s position in Toms River, Tirella spent 4 years working as a Field Crew Manager at the politically connected engineering firm of Morgan Engineering, owned by Ocean County Commissioner Frank Sadeghi.

Neither responded in time to inquiries made by FAA News earlier today but both are rumored to be unhappy with Rodrick’s management style and certain actions that the Mayor has taken in his short tenure. The coincidence that Tirella is a retired police officer now working for a Mayor looking to defund the police department cannot be overlooked as one possible reason for his departure.

The opening for Business Administrator occurred when Former Business Administrator Lou Amoruso voluntarily moved back to his previous position as public works director, a job he believed he had tenure in the position under state law. Rodrick, desperately wanting to get rid of Amoruso, had his Council introduce an ordinance eliminating the position to which Amoruso returned. That ordinance is slated for second reading and adoption at tomorrow night’s meeting.

Hours ago sources inside of Toms River Town Hall informed FAA News that another resignation is in the works, that of the Township’s Chief Financial Officer Judy Tutela.

Tutela joined Toms River’s administration in September 2021. Prior to that she had an accomplished career serving as principal in charge of the audit department for governmental, not-for-profit and for profit entities at HBK CPAs & Consultants. Tutela remains heavily involved in volunteerism and has previously served as the State of New Jersey’s lead Ambassador to the Americ

an Cancer Society.


Jane Daley said...

I would like to make a small correction to your story. Scott Tirella is not leaving his post. He was fired when Dan Rodrick took office.
He has been replaced by a friend of Mr. Rodrick , who has no accounting experience, but holds a PhD in Biology. He was also hired at a much high salary than Mr. Tirella, a competent accountant, was receiving.

Anonymous said...

Scott Tirella was the business administrator hired by Rodrick, Judith Tutela was the CFO

Anonymous said...

How much does Judy Tutela make?

Anonymous said...

The same EXACT thing is happening in Plumsted. I am happy Toms River is getting the press to spread awareness, but everyone forgets about Plumsted because it is only a small rural town in Northwest section of Ocean County. Gilmore has his guy as Mayor now. They even gave Assemblyman Greg Meyhr from Stafford a bunch of No Show Jobs.

Anne said...

Terrella and Dutton had no idea what they were getting themselves into .. I actually feel sorry for them and the terrible position that evil Mayor put both of these men in.. well they saw it from the inside and had too much integrity to work for him..ironically Terrella wrongfully terminated my husband on January 5th from a civil service union position and I'm glad he left before he has to face the consequences that the Mayor is responsible for. I wish these 2 men the best of luck and commend them for their integrity! Fyi..the Mayor stated that Terrella didnt realize the heavy it's because the Mayor wasn't honest upfront with his intentions to put them both in such a bad position