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Moments ago, at the Lakewood Industrial Commission's annual reorganization meeting, Moshe Gleiberman, who works as vice president of administration at Beth Medrash Govoha, was appointed as a member of the LIC.

His appointment fills the seat vacated by Edwin Schuster who passed away a number of months ago.

Mr. Gleiberman also serves on the Lakewood Zoning Board.

Former Committeeman Mike D'Elia served as the Committee Liaison to the LIC. Deputy Mayor Menashe Miller will now hold this position.

Robert Kirschner, owner of Robert Kirschner Real Estate, Lakewood, was re-elected chairman.

Justin Flancbaum, executive director of the Lakewood Township Municipal Utilities Authority, was reelected vice chair.

Gregory Stafford-Smith, managing partner of Welcome Home Investments, was reelected Board secretary.

Steven Reinman was appointed the executive director of the LIC and the secretary-designee. In 2023, he earned $164,292.86.

Sean T. Kean, Esq., of Cleary, Giacobbe, Alfieri, Jacobs, LLC, was reappointed the attorney; and Jeffrey W. Staiger of Remington & Vernick Engineering will serve as the LIC’s engineer.

Anita Doyle will continue as the administration manager for the LIC and Lakewood Airport. This is a $40 per hour position. She also serves as UEZ clerk for the LDC (Lakewood Development Corporation) in the administration of Lakewood’s Urban Enterprise Zone Program.

Fran Kirschner / Frantasy Enterprises, LLC was reappointed to the Public Relations/Marketing Consultant position. This is a $24,000 annual position.

Integra Realty Resources / Coastal, NJ, Tony Kamand Realty, LLC, Wade Appraisal, LLC will provide real estate appraisal services.

Colliers Engineering & Design, On-Board Engineering, and Morgan Municipal Engineering Services, Professional Design Services, LLC, and Remington & Vernick Engineers will provide outside engineering services.

Professional Design Services, LLC will provide professional planning services.

DY Consulting Engineer Inc. D/B/A DY Consultants and Professional Design Services, LLC will serve as Airport Consultants and Engineers.

Holman Frenia Allison, P.C. will provide auditing services.

Chairman Kirschner stated that a number of years ago, a small plane was donated to the Lakewood Historical Museum, and he would like to now move it to the airport.

"It lights up. We can put it on a pedestal at the entrance to the airport on Cedar Bridge Avenue. It can be a very attractive display for drivers passing by the airport," he stated.

The board agreed to discuss the matter further.

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Mike hunt said...

More corruption !

Anonymous said...

Moshe, what are you doing? Don’t get involved in all this please. You’re a nice guy & everybody loves you!
Please keep it that way.