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Lakewood's Township Committee held their annual reorganization meeting today. As is now "business in Lakewood," the meeting was held virtually.

The meeting opened with administration of the oath of office to new Committee Member Deborah Fuentes as well as reelected Albert Akerman.

Ms. Fuentes will fill the seat vacated by Mike D'Elia and liaison to advertising and civic display, budget management, finance management, legal department, shade tree commission, special community events, tax collector, and the zoning board.

The Committee voted Ray Coles for mayor, and Menashe Miller for deputy mayor. This is their 8th consecutive year in these positions.

Secare & Hensel was easily re-awarded their annual $618,000 General Counsel and Labor Counsel contracts. No other legal firm submitted a proposal for the position. "We really appreciate this and we don't take this for granted," stated Secare.

Remington & Vernick Engineers were reappointed Township Engineer.

Lakewood-based NewLines Engineering was awarded planners for special projects, along with Remington & Vernick Engineers, T&M Consultants, and Colliers Engineering DBA Maser Consultants.

Ian Goldman and Leib Klein were reappointed Municipal Prosecutor and Public Defender, respectively. Mr. Goldman will earn an annual salary of $105,000. Mr. Klein will earn an annual salary of $89,890.

Laura Halm Esq. of Rothstein, Mandell, Strohm and Halm was reappointed Alternate Township Tax Appeal Attorney. She earns $150 per hour.

Sean Kean Esq of Clearly, Giacobbe, Alfieri, Jacobs; Laura Halm, Esq of Rothstein, Mandell, Strohm and Halm; and Chris Dasti Esq were reappointed Special Township Counsels. They earn $180, $150, and $160 per hour respectively.

Multiple members of the public submitted public comments urging the Township Committee to return to in-person meetings.

Numerous members of the public also opposed Mr. Goldman's reappointment on the basis that, as previously reported here on FAA News, his application was incomplete. The mayor and committee simply shrugged their shoulders in response to these concerns.

Committee members stated that in the coming year they plan on "digitizing" certain municipal departments, including the Inspection Department.

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These virtual meetings must stop!
Sign the petition for a positive change!