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The Jackson Township Board of Education has just been slammed with a personal injury lawsuit for an injury that occurred at Jackson Memorial High School, FAA News has learned. 

The complaint has been filed in New Jersey Superior Court in Ocean County by Natalie Darrar, who is represented by Fort Lee Attorney Shane A. Sullivan Esq.

According to the complaint:

On or about January 9, 2023, while Darrar was lawfully on the premises of Jackson Memorial High School, she became injured due to a hazardous and dangerous condition on the premises.

The premises were owned and maintained by the Board of Education who, through its employees, had a duty to Darrar to keep and maintain the premises in a safe and proper condition and free and clear of any  and all hazardous conditions and disrepairs which would endanger the safety of Darrar and others.

However, the Board disregarded this duty and negligently and carelessly permitted its premises to become hazardous.

As a result, Darrar has suffered severe and permanent injuries; was disabled and disfigured; and will continue to suffer great pain and torment, both mental and physical.

In addition, she has been, and will be in the future, compelled to spend great and diverses sums of money for medical aid and treatment and has been and will be prevented from attending to the usual occupation, duties, activities, and business.

The suit demands judgement for damages and costs of suit.

The complaint seeks a trial by jury.

The case has been assigned to Judge Robert E. Brenner.

The Board of Education has 35 days to answer the complaint.

The Jackson Township Board of Education is currently litigating multiple other lawsuits.

As previously reported here on FAA News, the Township and the Board of Education are being sued by Kristopher Kertes, a minor who was injured while falling off of the monkey bars on the playground of Crawford-Rodriguez Elementary School.

As previously reported here on FAA News, the Board of Education is being sued by Jackson Township resident Robin Diaz over a school bus crash.

Additionally, as previously reported here on FAA News, the Board of Education is also being sued by a now terminated employee who alleges he was repeatedly harassed, and ultimately terminated by his supervisors over a disability that required him to use the restroom frequently.

All of these lawsuits remain pending.

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