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A just filed lawsuit reveals massive allegations that a number of powerbrokers in Lakewood politics no longer live in Lakewood, in violation of the bylaws of the Republican Club.

What this means is that a number of the very people who are self appointed to direct us in who to vote for each election do not even live in our town anymore!

The Regular Republican Club of Lakewood is the representative of the Republican publical party in Lakewood. The club nominates candidates for local government offices, who are then listed on the ballot as being nominated by the club.

The club is an unincorporated association, governed by published by-laws.

The by-laws expressly restrict membership of the club only to USA citizens who are residents of Lakewood and registered Republicans. Only members who have been active for 3 years may vote and hold office.

An explosive lawsuit just filed in New Jersey Superior Court, Chancery Division in Ocean County alleges that Club President Craig Theibault no longer resides in Lakewood as he has sold his home and moved to Howell.

The lawsuit was filed by Yaakov Wenger, who is represented by Attorney Larry Loigman.

According to the Complaint, Mr. Theibault was questioned at a club meeting how he is keeping his president position despite having moved out of town. Mr. Theibault responded by pledging to "step aside." However, subsequently, Mr. Theibault sent all club members an email stating that the March meeting was canceled. The email was signed "Craig T, president," indicating that he was refusing to resign from the club and even from giving up his president position. 

Mr. Wenger has been active, dues paying member of the club for many years. In late 2023, he made repeated requests for certain records of the club. Many of these requests have been ignored. Even now, Mr. Theibault refuses to give up the requested records. He also refuses to relinquish control of the records and finances of the club, according to the complaint.

A number of other club members have also relocated out of Lakewood.

"As a result, the club does not accurately represent the views of the voters, residents, citizens and taxpayers of Lakewood," the suit charges.

Instead of resigning from the club, they are conniving to attempt to amend the bylaws, ostensibly to permit them to remain in the club, thereby continuing to control elections in the Township.

"All of the above improper actions have impeded or obstructed Mr. Wenger in the exercise of his right to advocate for the election of Republican candidates for office.

"The interests of Mr. Wenger, and of the club, have suffered, and will continue to suffer, grievous harm if its governance is not conducted in accordance with the by-laws and by persons other than those who are eligible for membership," the Complaint asserts.

The suit seeks a court order ousting Mr. Theibault from the club, as well as for the appointment of a receiver who will be tasked with reviewing club records to determine which other members have also moved out of Lakewood and need to be ousted from the club.

Mr. Theibault has not yet responded to the allegations.

FAA News has learned that Justin Flancbaum, Greg Staffordsmith, as well as Senator Bob Singer have retained membership in the Republican Club despite that they no longer reside in Lakewood. A court order appointing a receiver for the club could have a major impact on their membership, and ultimately change the course of party line endorsement in Lakewood elections.

Registration for the club is only $10 per year.

The Republican Club's next meeting is scheduled to take place this coming Monday night, April 8, 7:30pm, at Eagles Nest which is in back of Eagle Ridge Golf Course's main building, 2 Augusta Blvd, Lakewood. 

All eyes are on Mr. Theibault, waiting to see if he will try to cancel Monday night's meeting.


Common sense said...

Step 1 in draining the swamp. Hopefully this will lead to more clearing of the swamp in Lakewood that's ruining our town.

Not sure why some of those same out of town members are also serving on other Lakewood boards, such as MUA. We need local people to represent us on all of these boards. There shouldn't be members of the Lakewood Republican club including it's president serving on other Lakewood boards as a paid board member. Hopefully next these non Lakewood members will lose their no work required, paid board positions, which seem to be a total payback for doing the swamp's bidding at the Lakewood Republican club. This corruption needs to end if we want to have a normal Township and function. This is how they do business in the smoke filled backrooms.

Anonymous said...

oh don't get me started with MUA

Senator Singer chairman doesn't live in Lakewood

Justin Flancbaum doesn't live in Lakewood

Craig Thibault doesn't live in Lakewood or even county

Anonymous said...

I am confused. Wenger said he is running for office, but never filed a petition. Now he's suing the club members. What is he thinking?

Anonymous said...

why not go after the Big Fish Senator Singer?? he lives out of district!!! lives in island heights NJ

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who lives at this address?
107 Sassafras Ln
Island Heights, NJ 08732

Anonymous said...

Check this out!

Lets County how many non residents you can count!!

MUA Customer said...

The MUA is a government body, not a private corporation. It is owned by the residents of Lakewood for the benefit of its residents who are customers within specific geographic areas in Lakewood. Yet, there are two major corruptions occurring with the MUA commissioners

1) Some ( Bob Singer, Sam Flancbaum, Craig Theibault) don’t even live in Lakewood which is a chutzpah, because their homes receive water/sewer from the NJAW. So, they suffer no consequences as a result of their decision to raise our rates and raise their salaries/benefits.

2) Others (Mrs. Yocheved Miller, Anne Fish, Meir Lichtenstein) live in greater Lakewood, but not inside the MUA service area. Yet they also pass judgement on how much we must pay them to receive water/sewer and how much money we pay them for their annual salaries and benefits.

It’s no different than a resident of New York State making tax rate decisions for residents of New Jersey. That’s seriously insane!?

In whose non-corrupt world is that okay???

By the way, the one and only MUA commissioner which has a right to be on the Board is Mayor Ray Coles, because he is directly affected by MUA policies, as he lives within its service territory.

Anonymous said...

Moshe Heinemann, Deputy Coordinator and Police Chaplain lives in Jackson


Sam Flancbaum, MUA doesnt see to live in lakewood for a little while already


Justin Flancbaum, ADA COMPLIANCE, Planning Board, Lakewood Rebublican Club, industrial Commission, MUA lives in Jackson

Gregg Staffordsmith, Industrial Commission, Housing Authority lives in Jackson


Mike McNeil, Municipal Alliance, LDC lives in Toms River


Craig Theibault, Shade Tree Commission, President Lakewood GOP, MUA lives in Monmouth County

Senator Singer, MUA lives in Island Heights


Find me any other town with so many out of towners controlling the town!! not Jackson, Toms river or Howell

also why not count how many different positions and titles certain people have??

Also keep in mind many of these people don't even care to show up to meetings for the boards they were appointed to