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The Jackson Township Zoning Board of Adjustment's regular meeting scheduled for tonight, May 1, 2024, has been canceled.

The Board was scheduled to consider an application which seeks to legalize a shul operating in a tent at 263 Jackson Pines Road. This application has been rescheduled to be heard on August 7, 2024.

The shul, which is represented by Attorney Donna Jennings Esq., has been operating in a 1,649-square foot tent in the front yard of the property, and is now seeking to legalize its operation.

Shuls are permitted in this zoning district as a conditional use. Not all of the conditions can be meet. Therefore the application seeks conditional use variance relief as well as several bulk variances as follows:

1. Use variance from Ordinance Section 244-162 to permit two principal uses at the property;

2. Conditional use variance for deviations from Ordinance Section 244-115 concerning minimum side yard setback, to permit an accessory structure in the front yard, for minimum buffer area, and to permit parking in the front yard;

3. Bulk variances from Ordinance Section 244-46(D), concerning minimum buffer area; minimum sideyard for a principal building and to permit an accessory structure in the front yard.

This application has been rescheduled to be heard on August 7, 2024 with no new notice to the public.

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Anonymous said...

It does not matter how many times it gets cancelled.The writting is on the wall.There will be no land left no rural areas of Jackson,Howell,Brick,Toms River or any other town.Already just in five years time you see the over development,and traffic that is way out of control. I have watched the town of Lakewood just get destroyed and now it's happening to surrounding area's that are already unrecognizable.
Just understand and get it right becase the truth is that Religious freedom in America means we all have the right to our own religious beliefs, but it does not give us the right to use our religion to discriminate against and impose those beliefs on others who do not share them.

ab said...

Converting homes to shuls is not overdevelopment. We are taking existing homes and moving into them. The number of new construction home permits have been consistent over the years.
Stop spreading lies.