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In a shocking betrayal, just weeks after granting long-awaited independence and self-governance for the Harmony Farms Homeowners Association, the Jackson Township Council has reversed course and rescinded their approval of a new Board of Directors.

As shown in the video below, residents gathered to express their disappointment and frustration at this betrayal, demanding answers and action from the Council.

The homeowners association of Harmony Farms was created by the original developers back in 1986. It incorporated approximately 180 lots.

At the time, the original developers collected the HOA fees and maintained the common areas.

Paragraph 3.02 of the bylaws states "if the Initial Trustee... ceases to exist... a Successor Trustee may be designated by the governing body of Jackson Township."

During construction of the homes, the association of Harmony Farms went bankrupt and ceased to exist. Pursuant to the bylaws, the Township Council designated Mr. Sal Caso, owner of U.B.E Inc, as the manager of the association of Harmony Farms.

Fast forward to March 2022. New homeowners got together to set up an election to elect a new board (effectively to seize control from Mr. Caso), made up of the new homeowners.

Thus began a treacherous path for the homeowners who received Cease and Desist letters from Mr. Caso threatening them with legal action if they continue with their efforts to hold an election.

In the beginning of the month of September 2023, election ballots were distributed to all homeowners of Harmony Farms.

On October 17, 2023, the vote was counted. The winners were Ty Jones, Shalom Ohayon, Chaim Yossi Kaufman, Avraham Sharaby, and Nathan Weiss.

On October 30, 2023, Mr. Caso responded with more letters claiming that the election was illegal.

In response, as previously reported here on FAA News, in November 2023, the homeowners filed a lawsuit in New Jersey Superior Court in Ocean County, seeking a court order granting them the reigns.

Unfortunately, earlier this year,  Judge James Den Uyl dismissed the case. However, something good came out from the litigation process.

Astute homeowners noted that the Township's resolution designating U.B.E Inc. came with a 3 year term limit. Obviously, since that term ended the reigns were never taken away from U.B.E.

Accordingly, the homeowners turned to the Council and requested that they appoint the new Board as the new Trustee.

As previously reported here on FAA News, to much applause from residents, the Township Council last month agreed and formally approved a new Board of Directors for the Harmony Farms Homeowners Association, granting the community their long awaited, hard-won independence and self-governance.

However, in a shocking reversal, a mere couple of weeks later, the Council reversed course and rescinded their approval of the new board!

The shocking betrayal sparked outrage among residents who gathered to express their disappointment and frustration, demanding answers and action from the Council.

Watch Avraham Sharaby's passionate display of discontent in the video below:

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Haim said...

This is crazy. Are these township members yooyos?? They should make up their minds.

Anonymous said...

Strange that the township should capitulate to a dictator

Anonymous said...

Seems like the current administration is pretty weak. They don't have what it takes to get things done. Maybe it's time for a change.

Anonymous said...

Poor babies! The special community didnt get there way!!! Cry me a river!!! Welcome to the goyims world in Jackson!

Anonymous said...

Why is only 1 person in charge of all those homes? And how is it that he's been allowed to remain in power for so many years without allowing any of the other homeowners to have any say in how he chooses to spend their money??

Anonymous said...

Crazy world out there.

Anonymous said...

It's against the law. Take Jackson to court.

Anonymous said...

they chickened out....