March 2023

Total Crashes 544

Pedestrian struck 18

Overturned vehicles 8

No injuries 389

Crashes with injuries 55

Hit and Run with no injuries 58

Hit and Run with injuries 6

DWI with no injuries 5

DWI with injuries 1

Police Vehicle 4

February 2023

Total Crashes 385

Pedestrian struck 11

Overturned vehicles 1

No injuries 271

Crashes with injuries 48

Hit & Run with no injuries 45

DWI with no injuries 1

DWI with injuries 3

Building 2

Police vehicles 3

Total for 2023 to date

Total Crashes 1,353

Pedestrian struck 43 (nearly 4 per week)

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1 comment:

Common sense said...

Perhaps the Planning & Zoning boards need to stop giving out approvals to developers like candy. Our brothers blood shouldn't be that cheap. Why aren't the boards looking into safety, shuls, and parks for so many new squashed in houses? There's a din vechesbin to all. These boards are appointed to serve the public, not the developers. Stop already with the over development already, accidents will only get worse at this pace. What will it take for them to take a hard look at the destruction that they are causing and stop it already? Hashem yerachem!!!