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As previously reported here on FAA News, 60 tenants of Prime Apartment tenants, represented by Attorney Ian Goldman Esq., have served their landlord and his property manager with a Superior Court lawsuit alleging a long list of illegal rent increases and associated harassment, intimidation and retaliation.

Following the filing of this lawsuit, Cheskel Brach, the landlord of Prime Apartments, served the tenants with a Hasra'ah (a warning) from the Beis Din of the Central Rabbinical Congress of the U.S.A. and Canada (the CRC).

The Beis Din warned the tenants that their filing of a civil lawsuit in Superior Court was done without permission of Beis Din and is a chillul Hashem.

The Beis Din called upon the tenants to address any concerns they may have in any Beis Din before which they agree to arbitrate their claims.

The Beis Din further warned the tenants that if they do not withdraw their judicial litigation immediately, the Beis Din will be forced to take further measures in accordance with Jewish law.

At the time of publication of this news story, public records indicate that the civil lawsuit has not been withdrawn and remains active before Judge Valter Must.

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Anonymous said...

Who do they think they are??
There are local Betai DIN in LKWD. No need for outside help.

Unknown said...

kind of weird he would send hasraa from Williamsburg beis din and not a Lakewood one ... Im sure the bnei torah in the building got a heter before they field in court. These are almost all yeshiva guys . Something is missing from story

Anonymous said...

My favorite is these scum landlords sue people in court the whole day, including frum people. They take advantage of everyone and scam their tenants. Then serious Bnei Torah sue them for serious offenses, and they get all frummy and run to some Chassidishe beis din in Brooklyn (who nobody can care less about) and scream about Arkaos. These landlords are a walking Chilul Hashem! I hope he gets his pants sued off!

generation going down said...

According to 讞讜砖谉 诪砖驻讟 the 谞讟讘注 can ask for the 讚讬谉 转讜专讛 to be held locally and doesn’t need to shlep to 讛住讗讞讚讜转 in Williamsburg
But those are his cronies and he figures he’ll win their here in lkwd he’s not so sure

Tracht! said...

Note: A good 40 tenants did not sign on to this lawsuit?
Why did the tenants not try a bais din in Lakewood..??
Was it because they could not find a bais din which would take their case? since they obviously signed on a higher rent And then got a verbal agreement to lower their rent which the landlord is entitled to Change his mind Or at least add stipulations at any time? It is very hard to enforce verbal agreements in court.
You would expect so called yeshivaleit to have More common sense than this.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to money or sinah even "yeshivahleit" undress and show their real colors.

Anonymous said...

the lawsuit only affects the older tenants. 40 of them are new and agree to the new stipulation so they have no standing. R forscheimer advised them to take to court after brach and his cronies ignored overtures. I have numerous friends in the building who never imagined that they would have to do such a drastic thing, but it is what it is

Tracht! said...

The 谞转讘注 is the landlord so he gets to pick the bais din.....
Typically you don't get advice to go to court from a rabbi rather there is a bais din process in place where they issue hazmonos and then seruv...didn't seem to happen here?!?

not on my dime said...

know yourchoshen mishpat the nitba has the right to choose the=baisdin however if teh karka is in lakewood then the din torah should bein lakewood

Anonymous said...

WestGate is the largest project in Lakewood, their leases are very clear- WE ONLY GO TO COURT, NOT ANY BAIS DIN.

Therefore, the Rabbonim and Askonim in Lakewood accepted this that Tenancy matters in Lakewood belong in court.