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As previously reported here on FAA News, 60 tenants of Prime Apartment tenants, represented by Attorney Ian Goldman Esq., have served their landlord and his property manager with a Superior Court lawsuit alleging a long list of illegal rent increases and associated harassment, intimidation and retaliation.

Following the filing of this lawsuit, as previously reported here on FAA News, Cheskel Brach, the landlord of Prime Apartments, served the tenants with a Hasra'ah (a warning) from the Beis Din of the Central Rabbinical Congress of the U.S.A. and Canada (the CRC).

Additionally, Beis Din Zedek which is under the auspicies of Rav Yisroel Knopfler, has now also authored a Hasra'ah against the tenants, FAA News has learned.

Free translation is below:

We saw the lawsuit filed by the tenants of Prime Apartments against their landlord Cheskel Brach regarding the rental charges and other complaints.

After ascertaining the matters we were shocked to hear that the tenants went to civil court without any permission from any Beis Din. The tenants claim simply that they have the backing of one single Rav, and this is their basis for going to court.

Obviously these choshuve yungeileit who learn in Yeshiva do not realize what a terrible thing it is to go to civil court!

The Shulchan Aruch spells out the terrible names for people who run to court when they can go to Beis Din!

It is not lost on us that the tenants specifically chose an attorney whose job as a Municipal Prosecutor involves prosecuting frum people by the government - similarly the lawsuit filed by these tenants is full of mesirah.

The tenants should take note that the Mechaber says that anyone who does mesirah has no chelek in Olam Habah.

We see that no other Beis Din in Lakewood is getting involved in this matter. This is specifically because they fear the Rav who gave the tenants the go ahead to to go to court.

However, we need to speak up so that it's clear to all that we do not agree, and it's clear to all that the tenants have no right to adjudicate their matter in court.

We strongly hope that the tenants will do the correct thing and withdraw their case from civil court and address all their claims in a proper Beis Din.

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Anonymous said...

Why would he go to knopfler for a hasrah? The tenants and him were by bais havaad. If it's true that the psak din was in his favor and they are wrong, why didn't the bais havaad issue a hasrah? Why is he running to every other bais din other than the one that heard the original din Torah? Just a thought to ponder.

Anonymous said...

The Rav who gave the psak that they can go to court is Rabbi Forcheimer, Senior Posek at BMG.

He is well known for giving such psakim - always orally, never written, so that once the kitchen gets too hot, he simply runs out of the kitchen.

A concerned Yungerman said...

The timeing of this outrageous chillul hashem is terrible for the askonim who have left their businesses to raise the kollel check stipend and lift the awareness to the financial need of the Bnei Torah chevrei haKollel of BMG .The court papers are full of Mesirah which is prohibited and should be simply taboo to Bnei Torah . The push back and cynicism traveling around the circle of Balei batim are terrible .
Are these Bnei Torah ? Are these Adirei Hatorah ? Mosrim hooches arkoos is that what you need yo raise money for ?These questions are damaging !Attempted responses that 60 bad apples should not be the ruler to measure the entire group of kollel Yungekight are falling on deaf ears .
As the true facts start to emerge , the story is all the more outrageous . Apparently Mr Brach went to din torah at a lakewood bais din bais Havvad ,won the din torah ,and after the psak din was issued other holdouts in the building that refused to appear in bais din commenced the law suit riddled with Mesira utilizing paperwork submitted at the din torah.
The sustainability of raising the funds needed for Adirei Hatorah is a tremendous undertaking . Recently with the down turn in the economy it has become more difficult, these action are unbecoming for a simple shomner shabbos yid needless to say of kollel yungelight . The impact of these actions will definitely create unwanted noise ,negativity and hamper the efforts of the dedicated askonim.
Seemingly and unfortunately the leadership of BMG is silent as usual to the turmoil going on in Lakewood .
The Hisachdus Harabonim has issued a scathing warning to the perpetrators of this ugly act unbecoming of Bnei torah and now the maverick Rabboim in Lakwood have issued a statement of objection to these despicable actions.
It is time for the yungelight to weed out the bad apples among them and restore the glory of Torah to the Aderes hatorah as we proceed to Kabalas hatorah
The clarion call of 诪讬 诇讛׳ 讗诇讬 is in order !

Not a greedy investor said...

Anon 12:24,

Must you babble on and on for so long? Just say that you take the side of the greedy landlord and we'll figure out where your prejudices are.

And by the way, stop throwing around your ridiculous "mesirah" card. It has no shaychus to this landlord tenant case whatsoever. Mr. Brach should know this as he has a long history of being in secular court.

Please spare us the rest of your nonsense, and especially your terrible zilzul towards all the Rabbonim and chashuve bnei torah of Lakewood. Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

I hope Menashe Miller sleeps soundly at night after he abolished the rent control board that would've dealt properly with this issue and brough it to closure. Instead, here we are watching everyone suffering agmas nefesh and the side of the landlord hurling insults towards the yeshiva's hanhala and its talmidim.

Thank you to Menashe. What would we do without tzaddikim like him..

Anonymous said...

This Bdatz of Lakewood allows or instead encourages Michael Lutz and his daughter to go the Court, even after they signed in Bais Din.

There are numerous others that they allow to go to Court not to Bais Din.

Anonymous said...

Bdatz di'Lakevood, you know darn well that with these type of people you need a heter to take it out of Court.

You must be of the old school that Bais Din will deal with the molesters.

There was a wake-up up call to you cave people, with molesters you go to the authorities, with these toianim and landlords, etc. you go to court.

I know you wouldn't admit it, but what was the payoff?

Anonymous said...

Knopfler got his revenge on rabbi F. Shlita.
Gave him a serious knockout.
If not for this opportunity he would of not gotten involved.

讗讞讚 讛注诐 said...

Bh. Finally. The sheep woke up.

By now everyone realizes how corrupt the township officials and rabinical courts are. Since the last episode with rabbi cohen and mark tress it has become apparent to all that they have no boundaries. The almighty dollar is what calls the shots.
By now all realise that they are No such thing As a righteous BD. They are 专砖注讬诐 讙诪讜专讬诐 and anyone who goes to a ,讛讬讬谞讟讬讙注 beis din is a 诪专讬诐 讬讚 讘转专讜转 诪砖讛.

讗讜讛讘 讻住祝 said...

These greedy landlords l貌oooooo贸ve money.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to see how things are playing out. Shocking

Yidel Baruch said...

Kudos to Aaron kotler for destroying the last makom torah in America.
AK took his holy grandfathers dream and destroyed.
Made this city the most 诪讙讜砖诐 there is in the orthodox world.
讘谞讬 转讜专讛? He HATES them with a passion

A younger man cannot afford living here, paying tuition....
It used to be housing was peanuts as people live in shacks, drove lakewood cars and Got free tuition at the lakewood cheder.

讗讞讚 讛注诐 said...

Would be interesting to see if the judge would address. The fact that lakewood is the only town that does not have a rent control board.
I assumed the judge It is a scary cat and therefore will keep his mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

诪诪砖 诇讬讛讜讚讬诐.
驻专讬讬诇讱 驻专讬讬诇讱
讛讬讛 砖诪讞


Who needs a rent control board? There are never any issues in town where tenants believe that their landlord is taking advantage of them.

Besides, there was a big landlord a few years ago that needed a huge favor, because the board which was active at the time found out about some major geneivishe shtick he was doing and if not for my immediately shutting them down, the landlord would’ve been held accountable.

As your town leader, you need to trust me. Any korbanos are worth it, because It’s all for the greater good.

Anonymous said...

The Bdatz of Lakewood, could have made their 诪讞讗讛, in 2-3 lines, they opted to write a Megilah, so perhaps Gershon will forward some cases to that Bais Din.

Good try!

Anonymous said...

This whole landlord tenant dispute makes me very nervous because of the anti-semitism it can cause. Why can't they come to agreement without bashmutzing everyone. I'm not such a landlord guy. But come on kabbalos HaTorah over Por Toullars! This is disgusting on both sides. Himmel Gishrayy!

Anonymous said...

See the post on the bottom of this page, "Lakewood Boys Assault Journalists," that's how "unScrupulous" landlords are trained, by Lakewood Mechanchim, R"L.