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As previously reported here on FAA News, 60 tenants of Prime Apartment tenants, represented by Attorney Ian Goldman Esq., have served their landlord and his property manager with a Superior Court lawsuit alleging a long list of illegal rent increases and associated harassment, intimidation and retaliation.

Following the filing of this lawsuit, as previously reported here on FAA News, Cheskel Brach, the landlord of Prime Apartments, served the tenants with a Hasra'ah (a warning) from the Bais Din of the Central Rabbinical Congress of the U.S.A. and Canada (the CRC).

Additionally, as previously reported here on FAA News, Bais Din Zedek which is under the auspicies of Rav Yisroel Knopfler, has also authored a Hasra'ah against the tenants.

The following response was just posted on the bulletin board of Prime Apartments. The letter is not signed by any specific tenants.

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Yidel Baruch said...

The tenants are one hundred percent right period

Anonymous said...

The tenants shall put the rent in an escrow account, not pay the rent to the landlord.

An "strike" is in order, but a Judge gets upset if it's not put into an escrow account.

Anonymous said...

The tenants attorney should move it into Federal Court; the rules of discovery, etc are much broader.

You do discovery on the owners, and show a pattern in their Business motis operandi.

It's time to make Yom-Tov in der vochen.

The Tax abatement on the building was thievery from Lakewood Taxpayers.

The shtick on the building of the Bais Horoah was also on the backs of Lakewood taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:12,

You’re correct. We the taxpayers subsidized the Prime building owner with a nice tax abatement. It’s basically a form of real estate medicaid, where we shift the owner’s burden of taxes onto ourselves.

Of course, it’s none other than Menashe Miller and crew which vote to give him that special benefit. But somehow whatever was available to help the tenants in case of trouble, for instance the rent control board, he makes sure to take away..

So in case you were wondering which side Menashe is on, it should no longer be a question that he’s anti-tenant. .

Anonymous said...

As a member of the OTD community, I am happy to see that the frum Kollel guys have now come to the very same conclusion which I realized years ago - which is that the Bais Din system is completely faulty and of no help to anyone who walks in there.

Anonymous said...

OTD "community" 🤣 😂 🤣

Tracht! said...

A bais din is meant to be a police force however in this day and age they do not have police powers so they work as an arbitration panel and then They can allow you to take the final decision to a secular court. The secular court will enforce it since the parties have signed to abide by the agreement. This has been accomplished successfully numerous times over the years.
There is no reason why to start off in Court unless You believe that all are botei dinim are corrupt..... To make a class action case in court because people cannot afford a lawyer is not a valid reason to avoid bais din. It is a bais dins Decision to or disallow Other plaintiffs to join a case, not the plaintiff.If they disallow it then they still have the option of bringing their own case.
In short this unsigned note does not explain in any what way why going to court and circumventing bais din was justified.

Tracht! said...

Shalom means peace not $$$$$$$.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone cares about the merits of the case. People think with their emotions.
In this case, there are 2 things going against Brach.
1- There's 60 Yungeleit against a rich baalhabos.
2- Rabbi Knupfler has a chezkas Meshugana by the Oilam Hatorah.
Because of these 2 reasons, public opinion will be against Brach no matter what.
Just my 2 sense.

A mentsch vus farshtaist said...

When Brach decided to jump into this real estate investment he figured on devising creative new ways to generate a big return on his investment. What he didn’t bank on was that, unlike tenants in other apartment rentals, the Prime tenants are not as gullible and will fight back when their previously held rights are taken away.

He should’ve done better due diligence before he decided on his investing in Lakewood and scamming these tenants.