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The Viznitz kehilla, located in Kiamesha Lake in the Catskills, is seeking to incorporate their own village, to be known as "Village of Ateres."

The proposed community is expected to house over 500 residents, with the majority coming from the Chasidic community.

Viznitz currently has their own Village of Kaser, located in the Monsey area. Viznitz established Kaser in 1990 so they could build denser housing.

Thompson Town Supervisor, Bill Rieber Jr. has publicly stated that he’s concerned that the motivation behind the incorporation of the Village of Ateres is so they could gain control over housing regulations, which would permit them to build denser housing upstate as well.

A public hearing is set to convene on August 3rd at Khal Toras Chaim Viznitz Shul Gibbers, located at 169 Barnes Blvd in Kiamesha Lake to address a petition seeking the incorporation of a new village within the Town of Thompson.

The petition claims to meet the area requirements outlined in the New York Village Law, ensuring that the proposed village does not exceed five square miles.

New York law dictates that a public hearing must be held to address any objections to the legal sufficiency of the petition.

As some of the proposed village’s parcels extend into the neighboring Town of Fallsburg, both Thompson Town Supervisor, Bill Rieber Jr., and Fallsburg Supervisor, Katherine Rappaport will have an opportunity to deem the petition invalid. If either one does deem the petition to be invalid, it may lead to a legal battle in the court system. In such a scenario, a judge will be responsible for determining whether the Village of Ateres can be established. However, if both supervisors find the petition to be valid, the village incorporation can proceed without hindrance.

Meanwhile, in Albany, lawmakers are seeking to update the village incorporation law by raising the minimum population requirement to create a village from 500 to 2000. Additionally, the updated law would necessitate a comprehensive analysis of financial sustainability, taxation matters, and overall viability for any proposed village.

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