In developing news, efforts are underway in Lakewood to convince local Rabbonim to sign a proclamation against Jackson Jewish Volunteer Ambulance, FAA News has learned.

As first reported here on FAA News, Jackson Jewish Volunteer Ambulance (JJVA), which has been laying the groundwork for a new volunteer ambulance corps serving the entire Jackson Community with future plans to expand into the greater Ocean County Community area, has just published their emergency service line.

As more recently reported here on FAA News, JJVA has already lined up 25 new members, with service expected to go live soon.

Once in service, the number to call for emergencies only is (732) 917-0000.

With a fleet of 4 state-of-the-art Ambulances and 2 first responder vehicles with the latest medical equipment, Jackson's Hatzolas Nefashos aims to handle medical and other emergency situations, including rescues.

True to its name - Hatzolas Nefashos - their criteria for qualification is highly trained EMTs and experienced who are able to provide life-saving care on the scene and during transport to the hospital.

This criteria is key for the "Hatzolas Nefashos" the organization aims to do.

No politics, no internal fighting, no "we're better than you," simply "highly trained and experienced EMTs who are able to provide life-saving care on the scene and during transport to the hospital."

True to their name "Hatzolas Nefashos!"

JJVA will provide medical transportation to those in need. When every second counts, and a fast response time needs to be ensured, JJVA will respond to any type of emergency, from car accidents and heart attacks to falls and strokes.

Additionally, JJVA will also provide non-emergency medical transportation, such as transportation to and from doctor’s appointments and dialysis.

In addition, as a true community organization, JJVA plans to hold frequent community-wide awareness programs in order to promote proper safety habits.

Applications to join JJVA are available here.

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Anonymous said...

It has been very well established that Lakewood Rabbonim are very politically oriented, fully controlled by the hierarchy.

Therefore, when one sees their proclamations, it means that the Hatzolas Nefoshas did not receive the "Blessing" from the hierarchy,Amen.

FYI- Lakewood Hatzolah when"we" started did NOT receive the blessings...On the contrary they were told to stop.

The ones that established the original Lakewood Hatzolah had "fore-sight", and there were no politics.

Now?-It's all politics.

The Rabbonim are very concerned that there may be another one starting in Lakewood proper as well. SO?
Perhaps, the time has come.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the establishment is running scared, is probably proof that this is needed.

001 said...

I think they should’ve just came out with this earlier as now it’s a waste of trucks..
Maybe just merge with CJ hatzaloh?

Anonymous said...

So, because some anonymous guy posts his opinion on a blog that the "establishment" is running scared. must mean that it's a fact. Right?

The answer is clearly: WRONG.

Anonymous said...

So they are running to get signatures because they are more than happy to have him open. Got it. If they are doing such a great job, then no one will have to call the new organization. What are they worried about?