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Chaim V’Chessed reports that efforts of Jewish organizations to assist Americans stranded in Israel have seemingly borne fruit. In recent moments, the US state Department contacted US citizens abroad with a surprising message:

In the coming days, the Department of State will be assisting with transportation of US citizens seeking to exit Israel. These options will include air and sea travel. Citizens will be not be transported to the USA. Rather, they will be deposited at various locations, presumably in Europe. They will need to make their own way home from there.

Messages announcing this scheme were sent to those citizens who had registered with the State Department, as recommended by Chaim V’Chessed on Monday. Those receiving the emails are instructed to reply to the message if they are interested in participating.

Chaim V’Chessed has learned that details of this plan will be finalized in the coming hours and days.


From the State Department:

The situation in Israel remains dynamic; mortar and rocket fire may take place without warning. Individuals should follow the instructions of security and emergency response officials. 

U.S. citizens seeking to be in touch with the U.S. Embassy in Israel, please click this link for our crisis intake form, or call 1-833-890-9595 (toll free) and 1-606-641-0131. U.S. citizens in Israel please call the local number (03-519-7426).  For the latest security alert regarding Israel, please click here.

While Ben Gurion International Airport remains open, we are aware that several major airlines have announced that they have suspended flights.  Please check with the airlines on the availability of flights and flight status.


            In a closed-door briefing this morning with Biden Administration officials, Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), Co-Chair of the Israel Allies Caucus, continued his full-court press for the immediate evacuation of American citizens in Israel who are trying to return home to the United States.

            “Other countries have stepped up and have mobilized their own aircraft or chartered flights to successfully evacuate thousands of their citizens who are trying to get out of harm’s way in the wake of Hamas’ absolutely savage, antisemitic terrorist attacks and its barbaric slaughtering, raping and kidnapping of innocent Israelis and Americans,” said Smith.

            Smith specifically named some of the countries he said “have already initiated evacuation efforts and have brought their citizens home,” including:

• Poland, which has evacuated 670 citizens using Polish Air Force aircraft;

• Romania, which has evacuated 569 citizens using both private and state-owned aircraft;

• Hungary, which has evacuated 325 citizens using three aircraft from the Hungarian Air Force;

• Switzerland, which has already evacuated 218 citizens using chartered SWISS flights and has scheduled two additional flights;

• Brazil, which has already evacuated 211 citizens on the first of six planned fights using Brazilian Air Force aircraft;

• Mexico, which has already evacuated 140 citizens using Mexican Air Force aircraft;

• Bulgaria, which has reportedly evacuated 92 individuals using government-oned aircraft;

• Argentina, which has evacuated citizens using Argentinian Air Force aircraft;

• Australia, which has scheduled chartered flights through Qantas; and

• Germany, which has scheduled chartered flights through Lufthansa.

            “The Biden Administration cannot waste any more time,” said Smith. On Monday, Smith wrote a strongly-worded letter to President Biden urging the Administration to “use all appropriate US resources and tools” to secure the immediate evacuation of US citizens in Israel who want to leave the country. Smith’s letter came as a follow-up to his request to State Department officials on Saturday for evacuation assistance.

            “Every American who is looking to return home must have the opportunity to do so,” said Smith, who noted his office has already heard from hundreds of constituents who want to leave the country or know family and friends who want to leave but remain stranded.

            “As you must be aware, most airlines have cancelled flights out of Israel, with little information about when they may resume,” Smith wrote in his letter to Biden. “Remaining flights do not suffice to evacuate the large number of US nationals in Israel, and the Administration should consider engaging or facilitating chartered flights to get our citizens home.”

            “The dangers these US citizens face are so grave, and the responsibility of the US Government for their safety so paramount, that their evacuation must be secured immediately,” Smith said.

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