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Dr. Peter Sayedgh, M.D., a cardiologist who serves the Monsey area, came under hot water Wednesday morning after posts on his social media pages claimed that "just like Israel has a right to defend themselves, so do the Palestinian people," and that the "rockets" by Hamas is simply "slapping them back once in a while" and a "symptom of an underlying illness which has been there since 1948."

The posts were removed after Dr. Sayedgh's office was flooded with phone calls with complaints from Lakewood residents on the War in Israel Whatsapp group.

At one point, the office staff responded by claiming that Dr. Sayedgh does not actual work there. At another point, they switched the story to admit he does work there but that this post was a hoax. 

However, FAA News notes that there are other pro-Palestinian posts still currently live on Dr. Sayedgh's social media pages.

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1 comment:

Yudel Shain said...

How could they be Cardiologists, they don't have a heart.

A Yid may not use them ever, they are "chu'shud".