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LCSW / Lakewood Shomrim will soon receive a new mobile command center, mostly funded by Lakewood UEZ funds, FAA News has learned.

The total cost is $250,000. Of this amount, $150,000 will be funded by the Lakewood UEZ.

The Lakewood Development Corporation (LDC) has just approved to fund - pending state authorization - $150,000 for the new mobile command center.

LDC Executive Director David Klein stated that the Lakewood Police Department has also requested funding for their own mobile command center. Township officials have decided to first fund a mobile for LCSW, and to hold off for now on authorizing funding for a mobile for the police department. Mr. Klein did not explain why the Township officials have prioritized LCSW ahead of the police department, or why they are holding off for now on authorizing funding for a mobile for the police department.

Per the UEZ legislation signed into law on August 17, 2021, up to 25% of an Urban Enterprise Zone’s Zone Assistance Fund allocation can be used for Municipal services such as Police, Fire and Emergency Services.

The grant to LCSW will be rolled as part of this 25% emergency services allocation as the LDC will funnel the grant through the Township's Office of Emergency Management (OEM), and as previously reported here on FAA News, the Township Committee previously declared LCSW as an "official partners with the Township Office of Emergency Management." This perfect setup permits LCSW to receive funds as part of the 25% emergency services allocation so that the LDC can keep the rest of their funds free for other worthy causes.

As all new LDC project awards, this award will require approval from the Lakewood Township Committee and the New Jersey Urban Enterprise Zone Authority (UEZA). The LDC Board has now formally authorized and directed the submission of a project application to the UEZA to evaluate and approve the funding.

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Connect The Dots said...


So this explains why Yankel Wenger just wrote a letter in support of Schnall.

It's all about getting a few dollars.

Just like Lipa Klein.

Rabbi Weisberg is working hi$ way to gain support for his buddy Schnall. He gave money to Lipa and now also to Wenger - all with the condition that they throw their "full support" behind his prized boy.

001 said...

I know for a fact that Yaakov Wenger is very anti Schnall!

Hershel herskowitz said...

I cannot imagine that this is a legal use of UEZ funds. But that never stopped them before

Anonymous said...

What chance does schnall have jn winning at all think there are 250000voters and lakewood has only 30000 of them

Anonymous said...

The UEZ funds became a piggy bank to give away taxpayer money to whoever they decide

Baruch said...

In actuality shomrim requested the funds about 8-9 months ago.