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The Asbury Park Press yesterday published an interview with Lakewood Vaad spokesman Rabbi Moshe Zev Weisberg.

Rabbi Weisberg stated that The Vaad had endorsed the Board of Education incumbents for reelection.

"The school board is a large group and right now the school board itself seems to be working in unison together and we did not want to do anything to disrupt that,” Rabbi Weisberg said. “We have had contentious school boards in the past and they have not worked particularly well.”

Curiously, Rabbi Weisberg did not make any mention of fixing the formula or the $200 million owed by Lakewood's taxpayers. Apparently, The Vaad's only concern this election season is that the board is working in unison.

In contrast, R' Aaron Lang, a veteran teacher who has selflessly defied the odds on behalf of school aid funding for all of Lakewood's students, is supporting Avrohom Schubert, Eli Eisenbach, and Yoni Morgenstern who are running together for membership to the Board of Education under the slogan "Fixing the Formula."

As previously reported here on FAA News, after continuous delays by the Commissioner of Education, Mr. Lang has just filed a new motion for aid in Litigants Rights, seeking for the court to speed up fairer funding for Lakewood.

As the current BOE supports the commissioner, who continues to stall in providing fairer funding for Lakewood, and who continues to lead us toward financial collapse, it is imperative to get out and vote for the fresh slate of BOE candidates that support this litigation, Mr. Lang reiterated.

The power brokers of Lakewood recently met with Governor Phil Murphy. This litigation was brought up and Murphy made it clear that he opposes the litigation.

"I don't know what kind of deal they made, but had they consulted with me beforehand, I would have encouraged them to press the governor to settle the lawsuit. This was the perfect opportunity to have acted with achdus for fairer funding for all of Lakewood's students," R' Lang told FAA News.

"Is having a Board not 'working in unison' and not 'contentious [like] school boards in the past' more important than the people of Lakewood unifying for this cause?," R' Lang emphasized.

R' Lang also bemoaned the censorship going on on certain news sites and newspapers regarding any party that runs not approved by The Vaad.

"The job of the journalist is to inform as to the facts. He does not shape public opinion, but allows for public discussion that can influence what the people talk about.

"A journalist may deem a story to be not newsworthy only due to professional reasons," R' Lang stated.

The fresh slate of candidates have launched a GoFundMe campaign here.

Their campaign highlights their unwavering support for R' Lang.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 7.

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