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This election season sure is being played fairly!

Lakewood Township Committee candidate Hershel Herskowitz submitted a campaign ad to The Voice. The Voice responded, "we were not able to place your ad in our magazine. You were not charged."

R' Hershel maintains this is inaccurate as his credit card was indeed charged $495 for the unpublished advertisement.

Coincidentally, Ari Berkowitz, the publisher of The Voice, was a host at one of Rabbi Schnall's VIP gatherings.

This twist in the election heat comes shortly after, as just recently reported here on FAA News, Assembly Candidate Rabbi Avi Schnall refused to answer whether his campaign managers (Township Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein and Jackson Planning Board Chairman Tzvi Herman) have called anyone who had agreed to host Ned Thomson campaign events in Lakewood and pressured them to cancel the events.

Local attorneys have agreed to research whether litigation could be commenced against The Voice.

For his part, R' Hershel's optimism has not swayed.

R' Hershel reiterates that he is not running on any specific agenda, rather, his only "agenda" is the tzibur which he will represent.

"As a member of the Township Committee, I look forward to reopening Town Hall to the people of this town and to hear directly from you, the people, what your needs are," R' Hershel emphasized.

Election Day is this coming Tuesday, November 7. Early voting is taking place daily this week at Lakewood Town Hall.

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Anonymous said...

Do they not have a right to turn down an ad? Perhaps the payment is in middle of being refunded and he'll be getting it back. Your hatred is beyond disgusting

Anonymous said...

Sick that this is who decides conent what children should read
no wonder ppl don't let this trash into their homes

The Rosh Kollel's Eidim said...

Not a big fan of Herschel, but he's got it right on municipal issues. Hence, he'll get my vote.

Anonymous said...

Of course his Credit card was charged but was there a refund ?? Or a Void ?
That has not been addressed.
Lets not forget these are politicians through and through on both ends. It takes time for the truth to emerge.