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Beis Din Beis Yosef has just issued a siruv against tenants of Prime Apartments in Lakewood after they ignored three hazmanos, FAA News has learned.

The landlord has extended numerous attempts to adjudicate the tenants' concerns in Bais Din, however the tenants refuse to go to Beis Din.

Aaron Beer has refused to respond even after three hazmanos. Accordingly, Beis Din Beis Yosef has just now issued a siruv against him.

Apparently, the tenants are claiming that the leadership of Beth Medrash Govoha feels that the Bais Din system is corrupt and that the proper venue for them is court.

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Anonymous said...

First they tell us to vote for a Democrat, next they say we can ignore Bais Din.

What's next here?

Oy gevald!

Anonymous said...

Who is this Beis din?

Unknown said...

BeisYoseif is a legit Beis din, the first siruv that was issued from guy on central ave was joke but this beis din is legit. Agav Rav Shlomo Miller holds a case where real discovery is required you can go to court and get a judgment but before you collect you have to come to a beis din .

Yudel Shain said...

Bais yosef is not a legit bais din.
Rabbi jaffe of baus yosef nevardok owns the bais din. He wrote to them to close up. Rav jaffen gave a power of attorney to reb yehuda shain re bais yosef bais din. Reb yudel to date has not authorized them to be a bais din.

Anonymous said...

Beis Yosef Beis din has been own and run by rabbi Alt for 30+ years.Yudel Shain lost a din torah there(he choose to go there)so he started to fight with them

Anonymous said...

Would reb Yudel Shain be willing to be mevatel any siruv from Bet Yosef on a Prime tenant that is currently in Court?

Anonymous said...

I have a relative living there the owner tripled their rent rightfully they all said kish mich, its illegal see you in court end of story

Anonymous said...

I spoke to him, and he said that anyone of the litigants contacts him, he will issue a bitul Siruv.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:26pm

The landlord is losing money on the building so unfortunately he needs to raise the rent.

The real problem started because the original owner David Gluck got the Township Committee to give him a massive 5 year tax abatement. This allowed him to offer decent rent amounts. The problem is that he simply built an unaffordable building with no plan how to survive once the tax abatements withered.

Anonymous said...

You got to love all these yeshivos with excuses and tarutzim why not to go to Bais Din.
They are acting worse then a simple balleh boss who just goes to Bais Din to find out what is the Halacha is and just follows it. Story finished.
The fact that they are going to court under any circumstances is a major major chillul hashem. Definitely not acting like bnai Torah should.
A genuine Ben Torah would never ever go to court even if he had some kind of heter.
Kal vichomer for “so called” elite cream of the crop Bnai Torah.
In court there is never “Elokim nitzov….”

Tracht! said...

Another point, commercial real estate has to refinance every 5 years or so 5 years ago the initial owner could have got a very low rate now the rates are higher and he has no choice but to raise the rent. If he were to go bankrupt the banks would ignore all the leases and re-up them to a profitable level I'm not sure these people realize they are playing with fire......